Are you looking for a property?

Do you want to make an offer to buy? Do you have questions about the practical steps, the financial and legal aspects? Buying with a real estate broker means being advised, accompanied and protected at every step of the purchase transaction.


According to the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards, 7 out of 10 real estate transactions are carried out by real estate brokers. Discover the advantages of using a real estate broker when buying a property.

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The real estate broker is a professional and an advisor. He is your best ally when the time comes to buy a property. Main reasons to call upon a real estate broker to acquire a property with complete peace of mind!


With the professional services of a real estate broker, you can be sure to acquire a property that meets your expectations, while saving you time and energy.

Parce que votre courtier a accès à la plus grosse base de données du Québec (Centris.ca), il peut facilement sélectionner les propriétés qui répondent à vos critères (budget, style, pièces…).
De quoi éviter de longues recherches par soi-même et quantité de visites inutiles !

Non seulement sélectionne-t-il les propriétés qui vous correspondent le mieux, mais il s’occupe encore des prises de rendez-vous avec le vendeur, à votre place. En tant qu’intermédiaire entre vous et le vendeur, il s’emploie à faciliter les échanges et les démarches. Sans oublier qu’il saura poser les bonnes questions.

Lors de la visite d’une propriété, votre courtier saura repérer et attirer votre attention sur les forces et faiblesses du bien convoité, les éventuelles rénovations à envisager. Grâce à sa connaissance du marché immobilier et son analyse comparative des biens en vente, il saura encore vous conseiller sur la juste valeur du bien.

The Centris® System

The broker has access to exclusive and privileged information in the Centris® system, which includes the largest selection of properties available on the market.


Buying a property WITH a real estate broker contributes to the success of each step of the purchase transaction.

Offers, counter-offers, negotiations, financial aspects, legal proceedings… the process may seem complex, except for a real estate broker! It is in his professional role to put his expertise at your service and to shed light on what may seem obscure to you. How to make an informed decision!

Offers, counter-offers, negotiations, financial aspects, legal procedures… the process can seem complex, except for a real estate broker! It is in his professional role to put his expertise at your service and to clarify what may seem obscure to you. How to make an informed decision!

The real estate broker will still be able to direct you to the right professionals at the time of the transaction, thanks to his solid network of partners (financial advisor, building inspector, land surveyor, notary, etc.). Enough to collaborate with trusted professionals!

Did you know that…?

Our To acquire a new residential property or from a developer’s or builder’s plan, the Civil Code of Quebec requires a preliminary contract of sale instead of the classic “promise to purchase”.


Using the services of a real estate broker means being protected by the Real Estate Brokerage Act, which governs the profession, and benefiting from his legal expertise to defend your rights and work in your best interests

Subject to the Real Estate Brokerage Act, the broker complies with various measures to ensure your protection and takes out professional liability insurance. He bears legal responsibility for the real estate transaction. In this regard, he is bound to his client by a strict obligation of loyalty (absence of conflict of interest). Land register, promise to purchase, seller's declaration, notarial deed, succession, joint ownership, hidden defects, sales without legal warranty... through his legal expertise, the real estate broker plays a central role in properly protecting your rights and promoting your interests as he must.

To complete the seller's declaration, understand the clauses of the promise to purchase, gather the documents required for the signing of the notarial deed... you can count on your broker and his mastery of the legal aspects of a real estate transaction. In addition, it is his responsibility to advise you and inform you with all the required objectivity, while ensuring that you have fully understood the aspects of a transaction – or of a particular clause – before signing.

Under the Real Estate Brokerage Act, the broker still has the obligation to verify the information provided by the seller. This is how he ensures that he obtains all the information and ensures the accuracy of the description of the property. He is responsible for all information relating to the property, which he could communicate. Thus, he is required to communicate to you any aspect that could affect the transaction.
Duties and obligations of real estate brokers

To learn more about the duties and obligations of a broker towards his client, you can consult the Real Estate Brokerage Act and the Regulation respecting the conditions of exercise of a brokerage transaction, the ethics of brokers and advertising.


More than an advisor, the real estate broker is your best ally to facilitate the purchase process, from the first meeting to the signing of the notarial act.

It is not uncommon for buyers to be excited during a site visit. And there are many questions to come to mind: is it the right time to present a promise to purchase? Should I accept the price, attempt to lower it, or bid higher? Include household appliances or make a counter-offer? What clauses of the transaction can be problematic in my situation? Calm down! Your broker has the answers and the tools in hand.

In addition to entrusting him with the reins of the negotiation - and avoiding missteps during a visit - your broker also guides you in the financial aspects of the transaction, for example to help you obtain a bank loan (a mortgage). And all this for free since a broker gets his commission from the seller. Indeed - that is to say - there are no costs or fees to be paid by the buyer.

The real estate broker travels during an inspection of the property by a professional inspector. He takes good note of his observations and can even use the inspection report to influence the sale price of the property, in your interest. Does the seller make a counter-proposal? Do not panic ! In response to his counter-proposal, your broker will be able to write a new proposal for you and explain the ins and outs of this negotiation game, until the transaction is accepted, then formalized before a notary. Oh happiness!

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Buying a property WITHOUT a real estate broker means depriving yourself of expertise and numerous advantages. Not mastering the steps involved in buying a property is also exposing yourself to mistakes and more risks. What you need to know to buy a house, before handing over the keys:

Basically, what are you looking for? Having a clear thought of your needs and desires guides the selection of a property that meets your expectations. Downtown or residential area? House or apartment? How many rooms ? Bathrooms? With a courtyard, terrace, swimming pool… or a balcony, garden, garage? Make a list of your desires.

There are no price limits in the real estate market. It is up to you to know the amount you are ready to invest knowing the expenses associated with the purchase of your property, such as: the down payment to obtain a mortgage from a financial institution, the addition of insurance mortgage, notary fees, welcome tax, inspection fees… In the end, the amount needed could be higher than what you had planned!

With so many properties to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Beyond first impressions, know how to review the attributes of the residence in accordance with your selection criteria. To compare properties with each other, the property description sheet and the Declarations by the seller of the immovable form can be very useful as a comparison tool.

Are you sure of your choice? It's time to make an offer to purchase, called a "promise to purchase". It is still necessary to have the right information on the estimate of the value of the property! Your broker can give you his expertise on its market value with regard to a lot of information (such as the year of construction, its location, its general condition, the layout of the rooms, etc.)

Your broker will write your promise to purchase on a form published by the OACIQ, detailing the content, such as: your price offered to the seller; the deadline for carrying out the professional inspection before purchase; "inclusions" and "exclusions", i.e. items you would like to include – or exclude – from the purchase, such as appliances, chandeliers or curtains; the deadline for accepting the promise to purchase…

Any seller can refuse a promise to purchase for any reason. However, most of the time, he will make you a counter-proposal, which is a new proposal with the desired changes. For example, he might want to revise the price, include or exclude other elements, extend a deadline… In turn, you can come back to him with a new counter-proposal. In this round of negotiations, there is no doubt that you will appreciate the sound judgment of your broker!

Finally, the agreement takes place between you and the seller! It is time to formalize the transaction before a notary by signing the deed of sale. You dream of holding (finally!) the keys to your home! The broker also ensures that all the conditions are met before signing the notarial deed. Again – at this final stage – he is there to inform you and answer all your questions !

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By using a broker, you are assured of being well represented and protected in your best interests. By choosing a broker from HP & Associés, you are assured of a personalized and benevolent accompaniment, attentive to your wishes.

Our main reward is your trust and satisfaction!

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