Discover the Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood.

The Plateau Mont-Royal is THE relaxed neighborhood par excellence that attracts a population of European origin, attracted by the typical charm of this historic neighborhood. The rows of plex buildings with their colorful walls and spiral staircases are home to a whole population of families, self-employed entrepreneurs, creative minds, students and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts…… ‍ The Plateau Mont-Royal is a coveted neighborhood, located on the outskirts of downtown and close to the mountain of the same name: Mount Royal Park, the lungs of Montreal, renowned for its many trails and its large Beaver Lake.


Agence immobilière Montréal

  • Traditional neighbourhood with a village spirit
  • Majority of rentals, plex buildings and housing cooperatives
  • French, English and alternative schools
  • Numerous small businesses and artisanal stores
  • Majority French-speaking population, families, entrepreneurs, freelancers, European immigration…

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There is a neighbourhood atmosphere here, especially since people walk, scoot or bike to get everywhere in the neighborhood. Residents, shopkeepers, brewers, artisans, entrepreneurs, bagel sellers from Saint-Denis, Mont-Royal or Saint-Laurent… all cultivate a certain community spirit here. To live on the Plateau is to share a certain identity, or at least a mentality. We cultivate both village habits with its cafes, restaurants and grocery stores (including the Petit Laurier and Petit Cartier) but also a spirit of openness to multiple lifestyles, world cuisines, co-working spaces, housing cooperatives … Pancake shops rub shoulders with Portuguese rotisseries, restaurants of smoked meats (Schwartz’s), bagels, etc., in good neighborliness with other merchants: barbers, tattoo artists, karaoke, organic products, second-hand bookstores…
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - typical street to ride a bike
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - life in the neighbourhood
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - convenience store - fruit shop


Postcards of rows of colorful walls and spiral staircases are often photographs of streets in the Mount Royal neighbourhood. The wrought iron railings and painted stone facades offer a traditional Quebec feel with old world charm. The typical apartment is long, with wooden floors that creak underfoot, old moldings, original sinks and bathtubs, and a small private patio in the back or a balcony facing the alley. Because parking is difficult, bikes are everywhere, hanging from railings, balconies, signs… not to mention the collections of Bixi city bikes ready to serve.
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - houses with colorful facades
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - spiral staircases
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - the typical architectural charm
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - Bixi bike station


Among the graffiti walls, children’s gardens, dog parks… the so-called green alleys are those streets at the back of the residences, forbidden to traffic. You can walk freely with your dog. You can hang out your laundry on the sliding lines. Children meet there after school to play ball. On the public side, Mont-Royal Street is closed to traffic every year for sidewalk sales, street entertainment and a number of unifying events (artists’ exhibitions, poetry day, parades…). Parc Lafontaine is the central park of the district where, all summer long, the population takes advantage of outdoor shows as well as walkways and spaces for picnicking, playing and sharing.

Le Plateau Mont-Royal - when the street gives way to pedestrians in summer
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - recharge your batteries in Lafontaine Park
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - contemplative bike ride in the park
Le Plateau Mont-Royal - meeting in the park : a squirrel on a bench


Population : 104 000

Density : 12 855 habitants/km2















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