Discover the Ville Mont-Royal neighbourhood.

The borough of Ville Mont-Royal is charming because of the aesthetics of its vast residential homes and the peacefulness of its surroundings and green spaces. Its privileged population benefits from the city’s seclusion as well as from quick access by car to major highways. Basically, the best of both worlds… ‍ In the heart of the island of Montreal, Ville (or VMR) is surrounded by the boroughs of Villeray-Saint Michel-Parc Extension, Côte-des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grâce, Outremont and Saint-Laurent. Sheltered from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city, it benefits from quick access to the major east-west (highways 20 and 40) and north-south (highways 15 and 13) roads leading to downtown Montreal and the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport.


Agence immobilière Montréal

  • Upscale residential neighbourhood
  • Refined architecture and landscaping
  • Numerous parks and green spaces
  • Secure garden city protected from the hustle and bustle
  • Francophone and Anglophone community

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Some municipalities seem a bit out of place. Away from the noise and the urban animation. Like a cozy space. A place that is preserved and a little protected from the rest of the city. This is the case of Ville Mont-Royal, whose clear boundaries, perfect alignment of streets and care for landscaped gardens seem regulated, orderly, disciplined. It is the residential neighbourhood par excellence where it is good to be home, away from the urban bustle.

Ville-Mont-Royal - peaceful tree-lined street


Created in 1912 by Canadian landscape architect Frederick Gage Todd (1878-1948), the Ville Mont-Royal’s plan was inspired by the city of Washington (United States) with its two intersecting boulevards in diagonal lines. At once a model city, a satellite town and a garden suburb, VMR was named a national historic site of Canada in 2008, to highlight its respect for the original plan and its heritage value. This “garden city” – as it calls itself – has continued to cultivate a unique art of living with discretion and refinement. It is distinguished by its architectural beauty and its rich heritage. English manors, cottages and old houses…. stand next to luxurious modern condos. The churches and the city hall are among the historical jewels of the district. From its origins, Ville Mont-Royal has kept the train station and the railroad that divide the territory into east and west sides, linked by two pedestrian bridges. Some 30 parks and over 70 other green spaces complete the picture.

Ville-Mont-Royal - architecture - family house
Ville-Mont-Royal - house entrance


The exceptional quality of life in this neighbourhood is not just an expression of language but an art of living every day. Living in Ville Mont-Royal also makes you feel a little bit different, in a privileged environment. The stone houses with their unique architecture, the materials chosen in harmony with the natural setting, the family pools in the backyard, the sunny yards and the evergreen lawns in summer, the paved driveways… all add up to a sublime art of living. The residential neighborhood is a delight for families. Children walk home from Pierre-Laporte High School, St. Clement Academy or Carlyle School and play freely in a safe environment.

Ville-Mont-Royal - stone house
Ville-Mont-Royal - house, garage and green lawn


If the neighborhood gives the impression of being well framed by the wide avenues, the absence of compartmentalization between the houses seems to be the rule.  Everyone feels at home here and among ourselves. The “tightly woven” population – where everyone knows each other – creates a sense of community. After a day’s work – away from the noise and the city – people meet in the wide tree-lined streets, walk their dogs, meet in the children’s playground or on the tennis court, discuss horticulture, go home… The homes all have one or two garages. The whole creates a peaceful and harmonious environment, of good neighborliness. Note: parking is not a concern here. Necessarily, the properties are of a higher value than the average of Greater Montreal. Most of them are owned. As for rentals, you can count on higher than average rents..

Ville-Mont-Royal - house with flowered porch


Population : 20 276

Density : 2693 inhabitants/km2

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