You want to live in Canada, enjoy the quality of life in Quebec and start your expatriation adventure in Montreal?Where to start and how to get there? What are the steps to take, the practical information you need to know before making your Canadian dream come true?Like any important choice, you need help and information to guide your decision.
HP & Associés agency will accompany you in your project as a partner in a successful expatriation.
The guide that we have prepared for you, will enlighten you on the questions that you may have in your settlement project: immigration to Canada, buying or renting a house, working in Montreal or starting a business, the essential notions on the cost of living and the budget for your new life in Montreal.

S'installer à Montréal

Do you want to live in Canada? We know Canada as the country of North America, its urban megacities and charming villages, its natural scenery haloed by blue lakes, its vast territories that are home to international companies, cultural festivals and sports resorts. How to immigrate to Canada? How to be selected? How to settle in Canada? HP & Associates will help you with your immigration project. Here is an overview of what you need to know to facilitate your immigration process in the beautiful province of Quebec or in Canada.

S'installer à Montréal

Do you dream of living in Montreal? At the crossroads of a new life, what is the best housing option: buy or rent? Investment project, market price, real estate loan, promise to sell… buying or renting a home in Montreal, knowing the market value of a property and being accompanied at all stages of the transaction is a process where expertise counts. That’s why you can count on HP & Associates to help you!

S'installer à Montréal

To plan a budget that meets your needs and desires. From the useful to the pleasant, what expenses should you plan? What are the standard costs or packages? What are the prices of consumer goods?

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