Discover the Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs (Nuns' Island) neighbourhood.

L’Île des Sœurs (Nuns’ Island), located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, is a green oasis with a cosmopolitan population of 21,200 (2021 census). Real estate growth is keeping pace with population growth, with the construction of high rise luxury buildings in the Pointe Nord and Pointe Sud areas and on Chemin du Golf. Next door, Verdun retains the identity of a more traditional neighbourhood, with its red brick triplexes and its “native” Quebec population.


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  • Green oasis accessible by the Champlain Bridge
  • 27 km of bicycle path on Nuns’ Island
  • Lac des Battures, Boisé de l’île-des-Sœurs, Domaine Saint-Paul
  • Luxury apartment towers, single-family homes, typical buildings
  • French and English schools

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Quality of life, natural setting and peaceful environment characterize Nuns’ Island. A secluded island and a neighborhood designed to recharge your batteries after a hard day’s work. With its peaceful environment, the neighborhood seems to have been designed to take advantage of the beauty of the river, to extend the last hours with a bike ride, a game of golf, a bit of windsurfing, a walk along the banks or around the artificial lake (Lac des Battures) or a spa to finish in beauty. Other green oases: the Boisé de l’Île-des-Sœurs and the Domaine Saint-Paul are home to a whole sanctuary of migratory birds. In praise of nature and contemplation.

Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs - bike ride along the river
Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs - relaxation at the Nordic spa


Finding yourself in a penthouse overlooking the river or in a beautiful single-family home with an impeccable garden immediately fills the need to get closer to nature. It’s as if living by the water all year round is an invitation to cloudless tranquility. The island almost looks like an escape, like a vacation home. Of course, this art of living in a chic suburb comes at a price: residences and rentals are more expensive than elsewhere. Expect to invest half a million dollars or more to buy an apartment in one of the high-rise buildings on Nuns’ Island (Les Sommets sur le Fleuve, Symphonia Pop, Tour Symphonia, Evolo Nex), $2,000 for a rental compared to $1,500 in Verdun. Nuns’ Island also includes lofts and condos (Lofts de la Grande-Allée, Pointe-Nord-Zuni Condos, Condos Sax), an office sector (Campus Bell Nuns’ Island) and a small commercial space, close to the Champlain Bridge highway access. Three residential towers and a gas station are the creation of modernist architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe.

Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs - residential towers by the river
Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs - in the shadow of the modern towers
Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs - example of house architecture
Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs - the red of bricks and cars


Far from the chic suburb of Nuns’ Island, the 69,000 or so Verdunites enjoy more affordable housing and fifteen-minute access to downtown thanks to public transit. A former working-class neighborhood, the residences are less luxurious. Many brick triplexes. Mostly long units. The trend is towards an intergenerational and social mix. The revitalization of Wellington Street by these small businesses has led to the revitalization of this neighborhood and made it welcoming. Microbreweries, restaurants and cafés coexist to the delight of residents. On the real estate side, young families are attracted by these affordable homes, even if it means renovating them to bring them up to date. Moreover, real estate opportunities (the famous “flips”) exist for those who wish to buy and resell quickly after renovation work.

Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs - shops on Wellington street
Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs - colorful store fronts
Verdun - L’Île des Sœurs - sunflower


Population : 78 305

Density : 5 813 inhabitants/km2

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