Are you tempted by the quality of life in Quebec? Discover the attractions of Montreal.

A metropolis open to the world, Montreal is more than ever a destination of choice. At the crossroads of American and French cultures, renowned for its quality of life, this land of more than 4 million inhabitants attracts the eyes and steps of many Europeans. Discover what makes it so attractive!


With its cultural effervescence, its technological pole, its innovative spirit, its educational philosophy, its authentic exchanges, its health care system… Montreal captivates and revives energies. The art of living here is as free as in America and as rooted as in Quebec. It’s like a happy weaving of North American and European cultures. Here is a small taste of what awaits you…

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Are you thinking of moving to Quebec with your family? The quality of life in Quebec is also the family life impregnated with a “positive” education where the child is encouraged, congratulated and complimented. The “cool attitude” is the norm even in education. Quebec-style education puts the child’s interests and development first, while respecting his personality and listening to his needs. His opinion, his desires, his point of view are solicited by parents, educators and teachers. In this aging society, some people proclaim the child as “king”. A question of perception. One thing is certain: Quebec is committed to the well-being of the family. The proof: generous parental leave and an appreciable choice of schools and activities for all tastes.


Is having children a full-time job? In addition to the choice of a quality of life, the new reality (couples with two careers, single-parent families, young employees…) makes work-family balance a priority. On a day-to-day basis, it is a matter of facilitating life balance through a number of practices that are well established in companies: respect for family constraints, openness to telecommuting, flexible schedules, daycare in the workplace, etc. Whether the support is formal or informal, the balance of parental and professional roles is not a “women’s issue” but considered to be everyone’s business. If you live in Quebec, your reason for getting up early is more likely to be preparing your child’s lunch box than an 8am office meeting!


Even today, despite the financial drain on medical expenses, the health insurance system is public and free. With the “carte soleil” – the small name of the health insurance card – Montrealers benefit from a wide coverage of their medical expenses: medical visits, hospital services, specialized exams, medication… In Quebec, it is common to have a “family doctor”, i.e. a general practitioner. For those who do not have a family doctor, they can register on a waiting list from the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) website. In case of illness, they can go – preferably at an early hour – to a walk-in clinic, the CLSC (Local Community Service Centre) or the hospital. To avoid long waits and delays in making appointments, it is possible to go see a doctor in private practice. Some companies sometimes offer access to a private clinic or reimbursement of the cost of a medical visit.


The Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) is the largest hospital center in Quebec born of the project to merge three Montreal hospitals: the Hôtel-Dieu, the Notre-Dame Hospital, the Saint-Luc Hospital. Since the fall of 2017, Montrealers have been able to benefit from the CHUM’s new facilities, made up of the best technologies and, in particular, the Centre de recherche affilié à l’Université de Montréal (CRCHUM), for care at the cutting edge of specialized and super-specialized medicine. It welcomes nearly half a million patients annually and pursues its mission of care, research, teaching, health promotion and evaluation of health care technologies and intervention methods.

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The growing interest in the lakeside cottage has reached new heights in the context of the pandemic. A shared aspiration of telecommuting in a natural version. Far from the clichés of cabins in the woods, the landscape of Quebec’s regions is rather that of a row of modern cottages encircling brilliant blue lakes. If you don’t own a cottage, it can be difficult to access the lake bordered by private properties, with their walkways, boats or pontoons. However, access to the large parks in the Laurentians, Charlevoix, the North Shore, the Lower St. Lawrence and the Gaspé Peninsula allow for this immersion in nature, these moments of relaxation and deep breathing. Suddenly, time slows down…


A visit to Quebec often starts with a drive along the country roads, through its typical villages, meeting passionate local producers, walking in the footsteps of the coureurs des bois, climbing mountains through the woods, escaping on a cruise on the famous St. Lawrence River or exploring the majestic Saguenay Fjord towards the Whale Route… Kayak or paddle trips, bike rides through the blueberry fields, motorcycle or van excursions from one region to another… inspire nature lovers as much as sports enthusiasts or adventurers as well as gourmets in search of local products. In fact, when it comes to sports, Montreal has nothing to envy other cities of its size. As an Olympic city, it vibrates to the sound of sports competitions, including field hockey games, and proudly displays its facilities such as the Olympic Park of Montreal with its vast stadium, its Montreal Tower and the seven pools of the Olympic swimming pool.


From outside the country, we have a striking image. Yes, it is the Quebec winter! And yet. Repeated frost, extreme temperatures, icy winds… everything seems to be soluble in winter pleasures! Skiing on illuminated trails, tubing on Mount Royal, skating on frozen lakes, snowmobile trails, or ice fishing… all warm the bodies and hearts. Not to mention the joys of Igloofest, the Fête des Neiges on Île Sainte-Hélène and Île Notre-Dame, and the fine dining of Montréal en Lumière… In Quebec, we enter a season like a new landscape. Fall and its colors. Spring and its tulips. Summer and its flavors. Each season is like a blooming. A new environment that echoes a new energy. In Quebec, we often have our favorite season. A matter of preference and personality. One thing is certain: no season leaves you indifferent or inactive.

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Every year, it’s the same festive effervescence in Montreal, the same exuberance of public shows and artistic performances of all kinds. At each festival, the Quartier des spectacles shines with an energy bursting with creativity. Circus, dance, music, theater, literature, cinema… Montreal becomes a stage for all the arts. With its 80 venues and 8 public spaces, the Quartier des spectacles attracts artists from all over the world as much as it propels emerging talent. The program includes more than 100 festivals per year, including the must-see events: the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Les Francos, the Complètement cirque week, the International Literature Festival, the Quebec Winter Carnival, the International Hot Air Balloon Festival, the St-Tite Western Festival, the New Cinema Festival, etc. So many internationally renowned events, so many memorable moments. So many creative energies and contagious joys that make Montreal a destination of choice!


Quebec lives to the rhythm of the seasons and celebrations. Street decorations, animations, illuminations… cities and villages are transformed according to the holidays and customs. It’s the magic of the great Halloween celebrations, the Santa Claus parade, St. John the Baptist (Quebec’s national holiday), St. Patrick’s Day, Heritage Day, National Aboriginal Day… and the occasion for large parades and popular gatherings. We dress up. We make up. We parade. We sing together. We celebrate and raise our Quebec flag! Living in Montreal means diving into a festive and collective atmosphere.


Viscerally hedonistic, Quebecers love romantic walks in the parks, long bike rides, discovering open-air murals, the wild beauty of the lakes, the colorful animations of the city, the choice of world cuisines, the open doors of the museums, the custom of pick-your-own near Montreal, the itineraries according to the seasonal events… Taste the beauty of the landscape, explore with your family the thousand pleasures of seasonal sports, enjoy the art galleries or picnic areas, soak up the atmosphere of the old neighborhoods, lounge on a deck chair at the Plage de L’Horloge in the Old Port, canoeing or paddling on the St. Lawrence River, getting away from the city to a sugar shack, chatting over a beer in a microbrewery, taking the time to stroll through the entertainment district, enjoying a “beaver tail” in the old port, etc. The list of pleasures of life grows longer as your desires and curiosities grow.

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The work culture in Quebec is based on North American values. Flexibility, mobility, efficiency, profitability, these are the main lines. A degree – alone – does not determine performance. This is a cultural difference that may surprise the European mind. The job candidate is judged on his or her skills, i.e. his or her experience (professional or volunteer), and his or her aptitudes, including “soft skills”, especially his or her spirit. Translation: the company is often looking for flexible, adaptable and directly operational employees without going through the “training” box. Since the vast majority of companies are small businesses (SMEs), the worker is often in charge of his or her own career and professional future. Open to change, Quebecers move from company to company as opportunities arise and cultivate networking (address book). Companies are just as quick to hire as they are to fire. Everything can go very fast in the job market. Anything is possible beyond one’s aspirations.


Whether you are a novice or an experienced entrepreneur, Québec supports the entrepreneurial spirit and potential of your business project. Passion and a taste for risk are not the only characteristics of an entrepreneur. A taste for experimentation animates the rows of entrepreneurs. A taste mixed with audacity assumed to the end. Even when an idea or project fails. Why is this so? Because the Quebec mentality is to try rather than to succeed absolutely. Failure is neither pejorative nor fatal for one’s career in North America. It is part of trial and error and the language of business. The key is to learn from your mistakes and quickly revise your plan of action or bounce back with a new project. Another way to become a better entrepreneur! This perception of the art of entrepreneurship (at the risk of failure) advocates action against the backdrop of an agile mentality, focused on continuous improvement or changes in direction, even if it means renewing your business model. The watchword: innovate and reinvent yourself!

Montreal, a hub

Did you know that Montreal…

  • Is a 90-minute flight from Boston and New York?
  • Has 3 airports, including Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL) which serves over 150 destinations by direct flight
  • Has the second largest port in Canada


Why do so many engineers cross the Atlantic? Why do international companies like Facebook choose Montreal to create an artificial intelligence laboratory? Job offers are exploding in the technology sector in Montreal! Over the past few years, Montreal has risen to the top of the list of high-tech jobs in Canada. Its progress is such that the city has established itself on the international scene in several key strategic sectors: artificial intelligence, video games, aerospace, visual effects and 3D animation, life sciences and health technologies. The intellectual influence of its university research centers is an eloquent sign of its attractiveness. The craze is not about to end. In March 2021, job offers in technology in Canada were 30% higher than in February 2020.

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The environmental safety in Quebec also contributes to the quality of urban life. Unlike some metropolises, Montreal is known for its very low crime rate. Although the media regularly reports on shootings between rival street gangs, this feeling of insecurity is limited to certain disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Elsewhere, the most common crimes are bicycle theft and shoplifting. In order to prevent crime, the Montreal Police Department (SPVM) also relies on a proximity role, going out to meet the population. It is a good thing that women do not have to fear street harassment and can walk around with a sense of security even at late hours. And, for those who wish, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) even offers to drop them off between two bus stops in the evening to bring them closer to their destination. Everywhere, children are playing freely in parks, alleys and public spaces. Quebecers are tolerant and free, and they mix with each other with respect. Neighbourhood life is itself conducive to exchanges and courtesy.


The law in Quebec is unique in that it is a mixed (or bijural) system based on two legal traditions: the common law (for public law) and the Romano-Germanic or civil law tradition (for private law). Laws must respect the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, which provides a framework for fundamental rights and freedoms such as the right to equalityprotection against discriminationfreedom of expression and the right to liberty. Only the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms takes precedence over the Quebec Charter. Other legal features and reflections of Quebec values: Quebec is particularly committed to defending the equal rights of women and men, including in marriage, child custody, etc. Same-sex couples can legally marry in Quebec and have the same rights as all married couples. Quebec promotes social justice and makes the fight against racism and discrimination a priority.

Éducaloi, for legal information

Housing law, rights in the workplace, to find out about your rights as a newcomer, Éducaloi provides you with information on many subjects in layman’s terms.


Renowned for its openness and tolerance, Quebec promotes a policy of inclusive integration, as opposed to a policy of assimilation and a multiculturalist model. In contrast to multiculturalism, the choice of interculturalism values cultural diversity and religious pluralism while respecting common values and sharing a collective identity. The model of a plural and inclusive Quebec is – in practice – a constant quest for balance between the affirmation of a strong collective identity, based on its history, its distinctiveness through its culture and its French language, and the openness and recognition of ethnocultural diversity, in a spirit of mutual enrichment…

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It is in our nature to help you discover the quality of life in Montreal for you and your family, because we are happy to participate in the smooth running of your future settlement in Quebec. We have the culture of hospitality and the taste to share it to facilitate your life in Montreal: a new start under the best conditions to feel at home, and in phase with your new host country!

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