Heidy Pinsonneault-Grenier

Investing in Montreal

How is Montreal Advantageous for Investors?

Unlike any other city in Canada, Montreal is known for its festivities, 4 world-class universities, 17th –century architecture, night life, massive underground city, and much more. A fusion of architectural character, small town charm, and urban convenience, Montreal has earned its position as the most reputable city in Canada (2018), maintaining the perfect balance of peaceful European flair. Yet, Montreal also conveniently offers modern city advantages such as highly efficient city transportation, ranked 4th in North America (2016), schools, libraries and museums as well as showcasing an array of cafes and city terraces all within walking distance.

With that said, Quebec’s foreign investments continue to rise, sustained by income growth due to the city’s diverse nature.

Property value in Montreal is less expensive compared to other major cities within the country and surrounding area: Toronto, Vancouver, even Boston. According to the World Economic Forum's latest report on global competitiveness, Canada's banking system ranks second in the world. It is also the strongest among the G7 countries, thanks to the presence of several of the strongest banks in the world. As a result, interest rates are lower compared to other world markets.

The strong growth of the urbanization in the city of Montreal is advantageous for buyers. Montreal, being an Island in Quebec, is geographically limited in expansion, thus prices rise faster than in suburbs.

Furthermore, the rental housing sector is booming in Montreal. The city houses a massive number of students, last reported at 170,000, in a city holding 11 universities; simply stated, the demand is much greater than the supply. ROI set at a conservative rate is 3%, with rental investment vacancy rate a mere 1.7%. Clearly, there is no surprise why investors are eager to expand their portfolio through Montreal’s beautiful and profitable real estate market.

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