Discover the Westmount neighbourhood.

Living in Westmount means enjoying the pleasure of living in peace and quiet just a stone's throw from downtown and on the slopes of Mount Royal, offering you the advantage of access to the city's high-rises, stores, restaurants and museums as well as the appeal of walking through the wooded area of Mount Royal.

  • Majority English-speaking population
  • Private schools  
  • Prestigious residences
  • Parks and sports fields
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  • Majority English-speaking population
  • Private schools  
  • Prestigious residences
  • Parks and sports fields


Close to the chic art galleries of Ste-Catherine Street, the famous Musée des Beaux-Arts, the Centre d'Art visuel, flea markets and tea rooms, Westmount has the refined comfort and charm of an English-speaking lifestyle. The residences - in the spirit of the place - have that vintage feel where stone, stained glass and beautiful materials dominate. They are neo-Tudor and Victorian style houses or mansions, prestigious residences, some of which look like small castles that have kept their traditional character.

Westmount - house entrance
Westmount - example of English charm architecture


This neighbourhood is privileged in more ways than one. It has a traditional atmosphere as well as a contemporary "carpe diem" feel to it. Like an enclave in the heart of the city, it has the luxury of wide avenues and green alleys on a territory where every square meter counts. Its 20,000 or so wealthy residents also enjoy private gardens and garages just a few meters from Sherbrooke and Sainte-Catherine streets in the downtown area. For those who prefer to stay in Westmount, Greene Avenue and Victoria Avenue are other great shopping streets.

Westmount - rejuvenating in a park
Westmount - Sherbrooke street businesses


The district is highlighted by its public buildings, each façade of which seems to be a lesson in style. Nothing flashy. Rather, a classic aesthetic. The public library, for example, is recognizable by its Victorian architecture with its arched entrance and turreted tower. The Victoria Hall Community Centre is another eye-catcher, with its Tudor style, the same as City Hall. The upscale Westmount neighbourhood is the English-speaking counterpart to the predominantly French-speaking Outremont. It is said to be the neighbourhood of choice for ministers, business leaders, race car drivers, international artists, and wealthy foreign investors. The living environment has a typically English-Canadian charm.

Montréal - Westmount
Westmount - Victoria Hall Community Centre
Westmount - de Maisonneuve Boulevard - Westmount Park Church


In addition to the prestigious residences, the district has luxury apartment buildings, skyscrapers and ultra-modern towers (Place Alexis-Nihon, Plaza Tower, Chateau Maisonneuve) including Westmount Square with its two glass towers. Designed by German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the complex houses an indoor shopping mall on the first floor (35 stores and health centers) that links the four towers. This neighbourhood is also very popular for its schools: Dawson College is the largest English-language CEGEP in Quebec. The Selwyn House School is an independent school for boys founded in 1908 by the English captain Algernon Lucas. Other private English institutions include Marianopolis College and Weredale House - Boys Home. Finally, Villa Sainte-Marcelline, a private French-language school that offers pre-school, primary and secondary education for girls.

Westmount - Westmount Square Shopping Centre
Westmount - Lawn bowling field


Located on Sherbrooke Street West, the magnificent Westmount Park makes you want to stretch your time. Is it its floral clock, its fountains, its ponds, its flowerbeds or its benches in the shade of old willows? It is like a call to calm. For a more sporting interlude, the park also offers three baseball fields, a large playground and hard surface and clay tennis courts. At the southwest corner of the park, the Westmount Recreation Centre opens the door to the underground skating rinks, as well as the municipal pool. For those who prefer lacrosse, rugby or soccer, there is King George Park, among other sports facilities.

Westmount - plant creativity - flowering dog

SOME StatistiCS

Population : 20 312

Density : 5 028 inhabitants/km2

1033 Av. Laurier O, Montreal (Outremont), Quebec H2V 2L1, Canada

+1 (514) 434 2662
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