You want to live in Canada, enjoy the quality of life in Quebec and start your expatriation adventure in Montreal?Where to start and how to get there? What are the steps to take, the practical information you need to know before making your Canadian dream come true?Like any important choice, you need help and information to guide your decision.
HP & Associés agency will accompany you in your project as a partner in a successful expatriation.
The guide that we have prepared for you, will enlighten you on the questions that you may have in your settlement project: immigration to Canada, buying or renting a house, working in Montreal or starting a business, the essential notions on the cost of living and the budget for your new life in Montreal.

1033 Av. Laurier O, Montreal (Outremont), Quebec H2V 2L1, Canada

+1 (514) 434 2662
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