KRYK Chalets:
Naturally exceptional

Immerse yourself in the sublime harmony of nature and luxury with KRYK. Nestled near the picturesque charm of Mont-Tremblant and its pedestrian village, KRYK cottages blend seamlessly into the environment, offering a living environment that reflects the natural beauty of the region.

Chalet Kryk Exterior Image

Personalized Perfection

Crafted from premium materials and designed with thoughtful design and detail, they promise a peaceful, stress-free experience. Starting at $1.6 million, KRYK chalets invite you to discover a sophisticated lifestyle, your ultimate mountain sanctuary.

Chalet Kryk Interior Image

Concierge Service

Benefit from exceptional concierge services designed to meet your every need and ensure a tailored experience: personalized, effortless happiness.

Chalet Kryk Concierge Service Image

Activities All Year Round

Explore a variety of exciting activities and the beautiful Laurentian landscape throughout the seasons. Relax and create unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Chalet Kryk Activities Image
1033 Av. Laurier O, Montreal (Outremont), Quebec H2V 2L1, Canada

+1 (514) 434 2662
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