Who are we? What makes us so motivated to make you feel good in your new home?
At HP & Associés, we work in a spirit of collaboration and collective intelligence with our clients and partners at every stage of the transaction.
From the evaluation to the acquisition or sale of your home, we offer you a turnkey service.
We make it easy for you to integrate into your new life in Quebec.
By learning a little more about us, our history and our values, you will discover why we are the best people to help you with your real estate project in Montreal.
Who are we?
  • Our history
  • Our vision and values
  • A word from the agency's founder
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Who are we?
  • Our history
  • Our vision and values
  • A word from the agency's founder


At HP & Associés, we cultivate a particular history (and reputation) as a real estate agency that focuses on newcomers and foreign investors, making sure that they have an easy time settling in and even integrating.


Our journey from the beginning to today

Creation of the agency

Heidy creates a real estate agency in the image of the hotel concierge service: an independent and specialized agency, on a human scale, focused on relations with an international clientele.

First conferences in France

First series of conferences in France in collaboration with the law firm DeGranpré Jolicoeur and the Quebec delegation in France.

Property management and relocation services

The agency expands its turnkey service offering to its international clientele by providing property management services for its investor clients and a relocation service for expatriates moving to Quebec.

High-end management

Real estate agency with the largest inventory under its management of high-end furnished units in Downtown and Old Montreal.

Specialist in newcomers and international investors

The only independent agency specializing in international newcomers and investors in Montreal.Alliance with Desjardins, Transatlantic Bank, Business Class.

Privileged partnership for expatriates

Privileged partner of Cooptalis for the accommodation of their expatriate clients.

Preferred partnership with the Montreal Canadiens

Preferred partner for the accommodation of the entire Montreal Canadiens field hockey team.

New brand image

The HP & Associés logo is redesigned and the agency's new website is created to satisfy all of its clients.


More than a real estate agency, HP & Associés combines global real estate services with personalized relocation services.

This is the hallmark of HP & Associés: knowing how to put the right people in touch with each other, weaving links and reference points, and facilitating your integration into your home.

More than just a real estate agency, HP & Associés is a spirit of hospitality that puts you in touch with the key partners in your successful integration. It is a broad view of the world of real estate and its opportunities that allows you to access a selection of coveted properties and profitable investments.


Based in Montreal (Quebec) and well established in Europe, HP & Associés real estate agency offers specialized services for newcomers as well as for foreign investors who wish to diversify their real estate portfolio.


Immigrating to a new country brings with it a lot of steps and questions. When you call on HP & Associés, you receive more than the typical services of a real estate agency. You get the same benefits of a concierge service in a luxury hotel dedicated to customer satisfaction.


The challenge of immigrating and finding a place to live is done here with peace of mind, in a spirit of hospitality and integrity. The desire to invest finds at our agency a special listening and judicious advice.

"For over a decade, my team and I have worked with various organizations that provide support and services to expatriates. We cultivate close and lasting relationships with our clients and partners. HP & Associés is a real estate agency in its concierge and relocation services version. This speciality distinguishes us and brings with it an approach of accompaniment.

Because we have experienced the same situation as our clients and we are aware of the magnitude of this step. First and foremost, we understand the need to be able to count on a trusted ally. And we are that ally!Based on trust, a reputation we are proud to have earned!"

Heidy Pinsonneault – founder and principal of HP & Associés inc.

To complete the discovery of our agency, take the opportunity to discover more about our team dedicated to your real estate research in Montreal.

And to make your relocation experience a positive and enriching one, come and meet us!

1033 Av. Laurier O, Montreal (Outremont), Quebec H2V 2L1, Canada

+1 (514) 434 2662
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