Heidy Pinsonneault-Grenier

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THE HP & ASSOCIÉS COMMITMENT: Finding a property worthy of being called home

Heidy Pinsonneault-Grenier

Based in Montreal (Canada) and well established in Europe, HP & Associés offers specialized services for newcomers wanting to settle in beautiful Canada; ranked best in the world, as well as for foreign investors that wish to diversify their real estate portfolio.

For more than a decade, I, Heidy Pinsonneault, founder and CEO of HP & Associés, alongside my amazing team have been working with various organizations that provide support and realtor services to expatriates.

The relationship we have with our resident and non-resident clients goes far beyond the typical services of any real estate agency. Why? Because we’ve been in the same shoes and are familiar with how big this step is, but most importantly we understand the need to have a trusted friend to help you through it. We consider ourselves that friend! Established in trust - a reputation we are proud to have earned!

Here’s what it looks like for you:

  • For newcomers and international students, HP & Associés offers active support for relocation and advice on neighborhood options, schools and Quebec culture. The goal is to promote successful integration in Quebec, taking into consideration our clients quality of life;
  • For foreign investors, HP & Associés, in collaboration with tax specialists and international economists, offers advice, projections and real estate purchases. While also helping to select the perfect property and provide rental management, record keeping and tax return services;
  • At the request of our international partners, we organize conferences abroad pertaining to the Canadian economy and how to wisely invest and settle in Quebec;
  • As a comprehensive real estate agency, our services include listing, and selling homes. Our large local and international network produces speedy sales at premium price.

Whether your goal is to purchase a family home or a building as an investment, we have what it takes to help achieve your goals.

At HP & Associés, “Finding a property worthy of being called home” is more than a mission, it's our commitment!

Heidy Pinsonneault-Grenier
Agency Director, HP & Associés

Heidy Pinsonneault – A savvy realtor with a passion for people!

Born in Alberta, Heidy had the opportunity to experience life in a number of places, having grown-up in Germany, Ontario and Quebec. After many years in the hospitality sector, she went on to study business administration at UQAM. She then merged her passion for people, and her skills in business to become a licensed real estate broker.

Equipped with a mind to transform a rather cut and dry industry, Heidy developed her own concept of real estate concierge, and founded her own agency; HP & Associés. Her dedication towards building lasting relationships is weaved into her agency through her clients, partners, and team.

Undoubtedly, Heidy is the soul of the agency, infusing her energy, determination and her vision within all components of the business. In sustaining such optimism and strong core values, she surrounds herself with like-minded professionals. Together they merge their efforts to create a lasting, and impactful experience for clients. It is through these efforts that HP & Associés can unearth the hidden gem that you would only dream about!

For Heidy, her treasure is found in seeing the happiness created through her and her teams work, then returning home to the laugher, and joy of her four spirited boys.

Your Dedicated Realtor Team – Professionals Committed to Helping You

Denis Poirier

Denis Poirier: An Eye for the Prize!

Some people develop their skills, and some are born with it, however the best are not just born with it, but nurture it too; this is Denis! A native of greater Montreal area, with deep roots in the entrepreneurial construction industry, he has a sharp eye for finding diamonds among zirconias! For close to ten years, Denis directed is family-own construction company HCharland Inc. before becoming a real estate investor himself and a broker. His wide range of experience extends into architecture, building materials, improvement works, location, market, you name it! With such a firm foundation mixed in both real estate as a business, but also structurally, he is equipped to spot amazing opportunities. Clientele have known Denis for his appraisal expertise and businesses sense. He takes on the heavy loads for clients and analyzes building potential in relation to property value. Known as a powerful negotiator with a determined nature, Denis is quick to put himself in the shoes of his clients and defend their best interest. Denis is a fusion of talent and knowledge, making his opinion one often sought after. When Denis takes off his sharp realtor investing glasses, he is an avid sports fan, in search for new challenges.

Kevin Hazout

Kevin Hazout: Investor Wizard

True talent is to know what you excel in and cultivating those skills to produce optimal results; that is our very own Kevin! A native of Casablanca, Kevin arrived in Montreal at the age of 18. After studying at the John Molson School of Business, then at the Real Estate Teaching College, he set forth and launched his first business doing what he is most passionate about, real estate investment! Through hard work and determination, Kevin grew an excellent network of contacts, giving him the momentum to peruse his ambitions. Kevin represents foreign investors who are attracted to the political and economic stability of Quebec. His superior knowledge not only of business, but the real estate market in Quebec has earned him the confidence of investors. He is entrusted with management of their assets and never fails to prove their trust worthy. No account is too modest for Kevin, he treats all his clients with the same magical energy that propelled him to unravel his realtor talents. His most cherished moments in the work that he does is meeting people from all walks of life. As you might have guessed, when he’s not working, he’s travelling the world and doing the very same thing!

Stéphane Azoulay

Stéphane Azoulay: The Heart of the People

Having lived in Montreal for 13 years, Stéphane is originally from Morocco. His life experience has nurtured a rare gift of being able to interact with people on such down to earth, charming manner, yet still being able to value luxury in trends, especially in real estate. As an expert on the latest trends, Stéphane is delighted in accompanying clients as he guides them into the world of prestigious Montreal apartments. He has developed a reputation for being filled with warmth and enthusiasm that he shares so freely with the guests he interacts with. Apart from his flair for relator trends, he is equally appreciated by clients for his unparalleled knowledge of real estate management. Stéphane never shy’s away from social networking, and is quick to cultivate friendship and trust with his clientele. On a side note, Stéphane loves to cook when he’s not busied with taking in sights around the world.

Generosa Bras Miranda

Generosa Bras Miranda: Balance: Love of Law & Land

As a uniquely operated real estate agency, we are staffed with the best of professionals to create an easy, encompassing experience when serving clients interested in Montreal’s real estate market. Without exception we are proud to have on our team a civil lawyer. Born in France, of Portuguese parents, Generosa holds a Doctorate in Law from the University of Montreal. While her law studies began in France, she was delighted to have discovered the attraction of Quebec during her student exchange. In 2009, after accumulating a number of years in teaching and research, Generosa become a civil lawyer. By 2012, she joined HP & Associés as a co-director and approved broker. The legalities of acquiring property, especially as a foreign investor can become overwhelming, even for the experienced. However, Generosa is esteemed for her thorough nature in compliance and relaying technical aspects in a comprehensive manner. She is quick to point out any legally risky practice and plays a valuable role in all transactions. Her calm demeanour, sharp analytical abilities and zeal for Montreal gives our agency the perfect balance. When she’s not occupied with ensuring the legal stability of our clients, she enjoys working with her hands and getting creative.

Antoine Schaefer

Antoine Schaefer: Business Relationship Builder

Emotional intelligence is widely spoken about in the business realm for its profound effects on business dealings, leadership, and overall success in life. Understanding social nuances and sales can be difficult when working in a new country. At HP & Associés we recognize this well and are blessed to have Antoine on our team. Originally from Paris region, Antoine settled in Montreal five years ago with his family. He holds 20 years of experience in the finance industry, working between Paris and London. With his mind set on perusing his passion he returned to school and became a certified business coach and Morphopsychologist. He created and teaches a professional development program, “Morforvente”, developed to train entrepreneurs in the art of mastering commercial relationship surrounding human relationships. Combining his skill set, as well as experience in real estate investments, he furthered his training as a certified real estate broker by the OACIQ (Quebec). With Antoine having personally experienced the various stages of relocation, practice of business in Europe and Canada, and understanding the Quebec real estate market, he is sure to bring you peace of mind. Antoine accompanies clients in exploring potential investment opportunities which has proven to be a great asset to them.

Zoé Ho

Zoe Ho – Linking Canada & Southeast Asia

Removing all barriers is essential in making our clientele comfortable and confident in our ability to serve them to the highest standards. Our staff at HP & Associates are equipped with various skills, including cultural knowledge and languages to ensure a smooth transition for our clients; Zoe Ho is no exception! Originally from Malaysia, Zoe works as one of our international gems, bridging the gap for our Southeast Asian clients.

Having lived in Taiwan, France, Singapore and Hong Kong, Zoe finally decided to settle in Canada; proudly calling Montreal home since 2016. However, her quest to make Montreal ‘home’ was not a simple one, as the services rendered by the professionals she hired proved to be subpar. Although disappointing, her experience has been a driving force in her becoming everything she wished she received when she first arrived in Canada.

Zoe’s professional experience as a Sales and Marketing Manager, as well her studies in International Business, gives her the ideal background to not only attend to clients foundational needs such as housing, but she is also able to address their professional concerns.

Her reputation at HP & Associates is adorned by her character, attentiveness, patience, and deeply sincere nature. To top it all, apart from her fluency in English, she also possesses mastery of Cantonese, positioning her as the leading liaison for our Asian clients.

Lucie Brault

Lucie Brault: Taking You Home!

Making a house a home has many subtle components, yet powerful effects on the mind. At HP & Associés, we’re about creating the entire experience - not only acquiring a property, but making it a home. In charge of creating this smooth transition is Lucie, a Quebecoise, that has moved around a lot! She spent eleven years in France, and continues to travel between Europe and Canada, for both business and leisure. Lucie lays to rest the concerns of new comers that transition into Quebec using our realtor services. Administrative formalities, school choices, moving companies, driving licenses, furniture shops and so forth is where a friend is most welcomed. For our clients, that’s exactly what Lucie is. As a mother of five children, and grandmother of four, Lucie is also considered a “godmother” to many newcomers. Her role at HP & Associés is essential in creating a smooth transition for clients, whether it requires putting you in touch with certain people, arranging appointments, sharing experiences, or meticulously preparing for your arrival, she will help you merge into your new life. Lucie also works closely with brokers to ensure your checklist of needs will be met in finding your ideal family home. Her passion is caring for others, whether it is at work, or at home – her sweetness is always with her.

Luc Michaud

Luc Michaud: Numbers are Power Moves!

As an astute real estate agency, we rely heavily on hard facts and figures to advise clients accurately. Our team is fortunate to have Luc, holding a PhD in economics, with extensive business experience in Canada and France and a sharp eye for figures. His knowledge is particularly helpful to foreign entrepreneurs as he guides them in the ‘how to’ of doing business in Quebec, negotiating an agreement and signing a contract. He is also very knowledgeable in tax laws within Quebec and educates clients regarding them. Questions clients often ask him are: Should I buy or rent? Is it a worthwhile investment or not? What type of returns can I expect? Etc. While anyone can offer an answer at HP & Associés, we understand that true value will come in responding to these questions based on your specific situation. As such, Luc will focus on your relevant needs and resources, while considering all the facts and figures available. He is eager in helping clients and is diligent in answering their questions through analyzing data, studying cost-benefits, and uncovering the invisible, keeping you well informed about the real estate you have your eye on. Enjoying life means it’s not always all business, some of Luc’s hobbies are in motor racing, motorcycle tours, contemporary art and music – conversation never gets boring with him!